Women’s March Oahu

Last Saturday, I got to witness and photograph the Women’s March Oʻahu, an event organized in solidarity with the Women’s March on Washington (and worldwide). Below are some of my favorites:

2016 in Review

I know that I am doing this late, but I am the type of person who needs a considerable amount of time in order to soak in and take in the bigger picture. Despite the amount of shittiness that 2016 brought with it, it was a pretty amazing year for me. I worked on projects that …

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Rocky Mountain High

I turned a 2-hour layover in Denver into a three day adventure there and my first time exploring in the Mountain region of America. We went as far south as Manitou Springs, then as far north as Estes Park where we stayed at the Stanley Hotel. Being from Hawaii, I’m used to seeing mountain ranges, but …

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Los Angeles

what matters most ishow well youwalk through thefire. Charles Bukowski Earlier this month, I flew up to California to see Paulina’s senior thesis film, The Homecoming. I got to hang out in Los Angeles, see some stuff, and catch up with long lost friends. I also saw those lines from Bukowski’s poem painted on some …

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