2016 in Review

I know that I am doing this late, but I am the type of person who needs a considerable amount of time in order to soak in and take in the bigger picture. Despite the amount of shittiness that 2016 brought with it, it was a pretty amazing year for me. I worked on projects that brought my photography work to an international level, and I also made new friendships that continue to challenge me creatively, not to mention just meeting these really fucking cool people whom I am so grateful to call my friends. A list of listable 2016 things is below.

  1. Documenting Hawai╩╗i Women in Filmmaking’s Making Media That Matters program
  2. Shooting the Monocle Travel Guide, Honolulu
  3. Los Angeles trip
  4. Watching Paulina’s thesis film, The Homecoming, at Chapman University
  5. Seeing a Groundlings show
  6. Discovering BROAD CITY and binge watching it on Paulina and Ren’s couch
  7. Shooting Ivan Cash’s Last Photo Project
  8. Getting published in Monocle magazine’s June 2016 issue
  9. Doing improv comedy workshops with Jay and Dan
  10. Writing and shooting sketch comedy ideas (coming soon)
  11. Documenting HWF’s Summer Reel Camps programs #wow
  12. Shooting and documenting the Queen Lili╩╗uokalani Childrens Center’s Moku Project program
  13. Exploring a fraction of the greatness that is Colorado
  14. Quentin & Tiffany’s wedding in Oak Brook
  15. My 5th trip visiting Kyle and friends in Chicago
  16. Driving to Cincinnati to see Prophets of Rage
  17. Seeing the Cubs WIN against the Giants in the playoffs at Wrigley Field
  18. Mentoring young filmmakers in HWF’s Spooky Reel Camp
  19. @donaldlovesdonald4ever photoshoot
  20. Shooting Mike Plein’s music video (coming soon!)

I know that I probably missed some things so I will add them later.

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