iphone 6

Photojojo Fisheye Phone Lens by Valerie Narte

I recently dropped $22 on Photojojo's Fisheye Phone Lens and picked it up from the post today. This isn't a review so much as just showing the photos I took with it on the iPhone 6. These are all edited in Afterlight (some more lightly than others!) and that's about the only processing besides chillin' in Dropbox.

I had a lot of fun snapping these and can't wait to take this lens on some naturey-type adventures. Only thing I don't like is that, in order to attach the lens, I had to remove my phone case, leaving the phone naked and exposed :(

Click on the photos to open up the large version.

My gran in her garden area

Driving to the market

Gran at the market. I messed with exposure in Afterlight which explains the weird blotches on her shirt.


Santa in Kaimuki Boston Pizza

Waialae Avenue