Photojojo Fisheye Phone Lens by Valerie Narte

I recently dropped $22 on Photojojo's Fisheye Phone Lens and picked it up from the post today. This isn't a review so much as just showing the photos I took with it on the iPhone 6. These are all edited in Afterlight (some more lightly than others!) and that's about the only processing besides chillin' in Dropbox.

I had a lot of fun snapping these and can't wait to take this lens on some naturey-type adventures. Only thing I don't like is that, in order to attach the lens, I had to remove my phone case, leaving the phone naked and exposed :(

Click on the photos to open up the large version.

My gran in her garden area

Driving to the market

Gran at the market. I messed with exposure in Afterlight which explains the weird blotches on her shirt.


Santa in Kaimuki Boston Pizza

Waialae Avenue

"Homecoming" End-of-Kickstarter Party by Valerie Narte

Last month, I helped Gabby cover the successful Kickstarter after-party for Homecoming: A Film About Pukapuka, which raised over $56,470 to bring a small film crew to document the homecoming of two women who grew up on the small coral atoll in the Pacific.

Lanikai Hilltop Rock House

Nā Mokulua: Moku Nui and Moku Iki

The party was held at the famous Lanikai Hilltop House that was built by the current owner's grandfather in the 1930's. The house was built with the blessing of local Hawaiians at the time on the condition that the house be built without carving into the rocks. The hilltop house is supported by beams stuck from deep between the rocks, and the rooms are literally built around the rocks; one room features huge portions of rock jutting up in the middle of the room. The hilltop house in Lanikai is a pleasant synchronization of human habitation and respect for the land.

Bedroom on the ocean

Applause after a hula performance

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Sunny Afternoon by Valerie Narte

This year I got to work with musician Joe Kingston on his music video. He had shot the video a year before and needed to have its audio track swapped out with another. Working only with the previous final version of the video and no raw or original footage, I had to sync everything to match the new audio which was at a slightly different bpm than the original. I retimed a lot of the clips and reused several shots to fill in spaces. The final version with the corrected audio is below.