‘Last Photo’ Project by Ivan Cash /
Producer – Cash Studios
Camera – Valerie Narte
Music – Photay AKA Evan Shornstein
Audio Mixing – Juan Abel Elias

Reel Wāhine of Hawaiʻi: Marlene Booth
Pacific Pulse

Learn English with Caleb

Sex and gender variation throughout history, society and species
Director: Sophia Tintori
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Inebriated Cooking
A drunk-cooking show that me and my friends shot and featured ourselves in.

Crossing Spaces (Trailer)
Director: Lola Bautista

Video Editing

How to Establish a Cacao Orchard
Oʻahu Resource Conservation & Development Council

Ode to Beethoven
Chamber Music Hawaii

America Card
Faioso X Gourd Creative

#UnityInColor Honolulu Behind the Scenes

Music: “Get This Money” by Christ Moon

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Unity in Color Creator: Jasmine Solano
Producer: Wainani Paikai

Winning Spot
Mike Plein